Between Realities: A Symposium on Photography's 'Factual' Depiction of Reality



On Friday, January 13, the Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts will host a one-day symposium, called Between Realities, featuring five talks from international guests on photography's role as it relates to reality. The intention of the presentations is to open the discussion about the truth of an absolute ‘objective’ photographic replication of reality. Is the reproduction of a pictorial unadulterated ‘objective truth’ an erroneous belief, a goal neither viable nor desirable?

The five speakers include four photography-based artists, and one writer/editor:
Max Pinckers (BE)
Katrin Koenning (AUS)
Heikki Kaski (FIN)
• Sara-Lena Maierhofer (DE)
Katherine Oktober Matthews (Chief Editor, GUP Magazine)

To learn more, view the symposium's event on Facebook.