Introduction to GUP #61: Escape




Summer is on its way! For many, this season delivers a chance to escape the daily routine. People seek all kinds of refuge: they pack their bags and leave, or they remain and withdraw into the plethora of loopholes available nearby or online. The need to escape can come from different things: to get away from work, or from your own thoughts; from particular circumstances, or present times in general.

Escaping can certainly be fun, but it’s not always easy. For this issue, we have been seeking to both celebrate and commemorate the various aspects of getting away or breaking out. We feature selected works by artists such as Esther Teichmann and Rafael Tanaka Monzó, along with that of Brendan Pattengale, Petra Katanic and Joost Termeer – to name but a few younger photographers who manage to express various aspects of “escape” in their unique ways.

Besides guiding you to upcoming exhibitions and addressing new publications - with special attention to the freshest works by Alec Soth and Stephen Gill – we’re happy to once again present a regular and special edition cover. We thank Erik Madigan Heck and Charles Fréger for granting us this opportunity.

The Editorial Team