New Haute Talent 2019



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This year, photo fair Haute Photographie once again presents a great selection of new talents. GUP talked to some of them at the vernissage on February 6 and asked a couple of questions about this entirely new and exciting experience.

Nora Papp (b. 1975, Switzerland)

Graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam in 2018.

Inspired by Instagram, Nora Papp deconstructs a digital image in order to collect "aesthetic data".

"At first, everything seemed quite unreal. It took me some time to get used to the idea that I was one of the selected participants for Haute Photographie 2019. Therefore, the moment I received the news, I started developing the idea of what is the best way to present digitally created images as physical prints on glass. Of course, the excitement came right after when I felt that Haute Photographie is a great opportunity not only to showcase my work with a commercial intention but also a path that leads to meeting like-minded and supportive people", Papp told us.

"My project can look technical, however, it is very playful due to the combination of organic and geometric shapes and characteristics of both still and moving images. As long as the current motivation persists, my plans are to present a new series as soon asnext year. Luckily, I am already working on it!", she added.

Lucas Hardonk (b. 1979, the Netherlands)

Graduated from KABK, the Hague in 2010.

Lucas Hardonk doesn't consider himself a photographer. However, he uses photography as a part of research into the mechanism of the process of information.

"Getting an email about becoming a new Haute Photographie 2019 talent made me really excited and a bit nervous. Although I was always confident about my work, as every emerging artist I had my doubts and didn't want to set high expectations. This opportunity of being a new talent brought me a lot of motivation and I am certain that this is an important step in my career that will bring me a lot of experience and recognition", Lucas told in his interview.

"My new project is in progress. I am still positioning myself as not exactly a photographer, but an artist who uses a photographic language as a research tool. The fact that I got an opportunity to exhibit at Haute made me believe in myself even more", he concluded.

Lisette Appeldorn (b. 1988, the Netherlands)

Graduated from HUK, Utrecht in 2014.

Lisette Appeldorn is obsessed with masks that she creates from different fabrics and objects. She photographs people with covered faces creating a playful yet ambiguous mood.

"I have always believed in myself as an artist. Therefore, when I was selected to become a new Haute Photographie 2019 talent, my only concern was if the viewers would understand my work and could visualise my cheerful approach to the photographed subjects. The use of masks in the series comes from my fashion design background, but I also get a lot of inspiration from paintings and video art. Just like Lucas Hardonk, I do not claim myself only as a photographer. Due to my interest in many different areas, I prefer to be called a multidisciplinary artist.

My next goal is to create something beyond one's understanding of a photographic image. I am planning to experiment with 3D techniques and art installations", Appeldorn shared with us.

BILENBILEN (b. 1988, the Netherlands)

Graduated from Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam in 2018.

Bilen Küçükodabasi is an image-maker and a story-teller working with photography.

My photographic stories are based entirely on my attachment to the world of dreams, so when I heard about an opportunity to become a new Haute Talent, it seemed like a continuation of one of my surreal dreams. Especially because I applied without any particular expectations. Being a recent graduate from an art academy is scary for every young artist and I wasn't an exception. However, Haute Photographie 2019 brought me a lot of motivation and an opportunity of networking that lacked at the academy. The series of photographs exhibited at Haute is a part of my graduation project and I feel honoured to finally see it outside the academy walls, awaiting unknown, yet exciting experiences. My next goal is to get a gallery representation", Bilen shared with GUP.

Joost Termeer (b.1991, the Netherlands)

Graduated from HKU, Utrecht in 2018

Joost Termeer is a photographer who opts for vivid colours, masculine symbols, sex and escapism. He challenges the viewers with the eternal question of how the images should be read and consumed.

"I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw an email informing me about my exhibition at Haute Photographie 2019. This was my first submission after graduation. It is definitely a life-changing experience that brought me a lot of motivation and joy. In the nearest future, I want to continue working with the same themes, however, I would like to experiment with adding a monochromatic palette to my images. I am also very interested in creating art installations, imitating some faraway worlds that exist somewhere between fiction and reality. At Haute Photographie, I've already done something similar by placing a beach chair with a printed image in the corner where the photos from the same project were hung", he concluded proudly.

Merel Schoneveld (b. 1983, the Netherlands)

Schonveld is a self-taught photographer. She captures street moments since 2016, revealing beauty in the mundane.

"When I was invited to exhibit my work at Haute Photographie 2019, I felt very excited about this opportunity. What made me especially happy is to have an opportunity of receiving instant feedback of the viewers already at the opening. Photographing the streets of the Netherlands started as a hobby 2 years ago, but quickly became my way of life. It's something I absolutely love doing and I cannot be happier that the visitors of Haute appreciate my input in a Dutch street photography movement. The chance of exhibiting my work to so many different people made me motivated to go and capture even more decisive moments. As long as I keep doing what I love, stay disciplined and push my own boundaries, I have faith that good fortune will be on my side. My next goal is to start editing and sequencing my work for a book", Schoneveld revealed.