A Gorean Summer




Fabrice Monteiro (1972, Belgium) documented the vibrancy of local beach culture in Dakar and notably Gorée, a UNESCO World Heritage site commemorating the African diaspora. Situated off the coast of Senegal, Gorée Island served as one of the largest slave-trading centres on the African coast from the 1530s to the 1840s. Today, the place is a popular tourist destination, and its shores also attract locals during the summer months.The light-hearted scenes in these photographs by Monteiro are a poignant contrast to the city's dark history, and a powerful testament to the universal pleasures of a summer day at the beach. The people vibrate a certain joie de vivre, that carefree attitude and enjoyment of life. This is what having fun looks like, in moments shared between lovers and friends, in a land with a sordid history.



Fabrice Monteiro's project A Gorean Summer was featured in GUP#43, the Sweet Life issue.