La Nostalgia



Antonio Privitera’s (b. 1984) images are like snapshots from childhood, where random details merge to become wonderful memories of days at the beach; of parasols and palm trees, of voices drowned out by the sea, of seeing your family in bathing suits. And those days seemed to be dominated by an everlasting sun.

In his series La Nostalgia, Privitera cleverly uses diptychs to create the impression of these passing moments from childhood, where unexpected juxtapositions and combinations create original compositions, naturally connected by recurring shapes and figures. Here, normal sunbathers and beachgoers are funny in the most endearing ways, but Privitera’s intention is never to ridicule; rather, there is a childish enchantment, much like a child’s fascination with their grandmother’s wrinkly arms, or their father’s enormous belly. If you’ve ever been on summer holiday, you can smell the sunscreen in these photographs.