Just Passing Through



While documenting his travels across America, photographer Samuel Stone (b. 1992) more and more found himself missing out on important events of friends and family back home. By observing his loved ones through text messages, photos and phone calls he felt more lost than ever before. “My reality was almost unexplainable and seemed irrelevant, not because I wasn’t able to share it, but because the experiential perspective is so fleeting,” Stone states. “I began to examine the transient nature of relationships and the places we call ‘home’.”

In his series Just Passing Through, Stone’s feelings of nostalgia and homesickness become palpable through his images of places he doesn’t belong to. His photography varies from landscape to portrait, from detailed views to distant objects. We see road kill, road signs, a subway and a truck with bullet holes. These glimpses of life transform the setting in his photos from physical spaces to mental dimensions. The concept of ‘home’ is more about finding oneself in a state of well-being than being in a specific place.