Love Kills My Words




Norwegian photographer Øistein Sæthren Dahle (1988) began photographing his series in 2009, during a period when he was beginning a relationship and also a close friend had died. The contrast between these events marked the work’s progress till present day, as Sæthren Dahle used elements from his experiences to create a story laden with sexual energy and conflicted emotion. He says: “I have used time as a tool to create a story about love, loss, all the things that got lost and all the things I have got.”

Working in a way beyond photography, Sæthren Dahle brings the images together into a sketchbook with drawings, contact prints, annotations and hand-drawn flourishes, fuelling the feeling of phenomenological expression.

Love Kills My Words is planned for publication from Kodoji.

Sæthren Dahle's series Love Kills My Words was featured as a portfolio in GUP #49, Intimacy