Will They Sing Like Raindrops Or Leave Me Thirsty




Max Pinckers (1988, Belgium) attempts to document and capture, stage and bring to life, the multiple facets of romance and marriage within a contemporary Indian context. Inspired and influenced by the paradigms of Bollywood, he subtly evokes the ways in which India’s Hindi media industries inform and produce a certain paradigm of ‘love’ – with all its paradoxes, irony and kitsch aesthetics.In a country that is constantly attempting to balance tradition and modernity, religious and secular values, the institution of marriage and the possibilities of romantic engagements are strongly bound to socio-cultural realities caught up in the push-and-pull of a nostalgic past and an imagined future. In his work, Pinckers shows a remarkable sensitivity to the complexities of this diverse context, offering a spectrum of scenarios that combine humour, pathos, allegory and drama in order to produce an elegiac and nuanced representation of that particular Indian conception of love.



Max Pinckers was featured in GUP#43, the Sweet Life issue.